Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NYC Blogger Playdate

Every month, Keelie over at Sweat=Success organizes a killer NYC blogger playdate so those of us who read and write blogs can get together in real life and enjoy some fitness and food.  I went in September and was thrilled to meet some of the ladies behind blogs I already love, and to learn about some great new people and blogs to follow.

This month the playdate will be on December 10th and we're headed to Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp (I know, it's totally outside of my comfort zone too, but it'll be FUN!)

Check out Sweat = Success for the details and to RSVP!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Where are my post marathon blues?

I'd read so many articles about the post-marathon blues, I half expected to get them, but a week out from my big race, I'm feeling GOLDEN.  While I'm no expert, I think these factors have contributed to my post-race glow.

1) It was my first marathon and everyone I've seen this week has congratulated me.  Let's be real folks, the praise for this race is a big part of what makes it worth the AGONIZING PAIN of running 26.2 miles.  I'm more proud that I survived the damn thing than anything else, plus I kept an average 10 min per mile pace which ain't too shabby for a first marathon.  Additionally, a bunch of my running friends have told me how inspired they are to try a marathon or half, so now I can look forward to training with friends for future races! 

2) I'm super busy.  When I decided to run a marathon over the summer I had  a LOT more time than I've had the past few months.  My fall schedule went from packed to INSANE when I put "train for a marathon" into the mix with full time grad student, full time job, teaching an undergrad class and searching for a permanent full time position.  I haven't felt the same empty space that many runners experience when training ends.  I've felt relief.  Enormous amounts of relief, a return to my social life, and can you say 8-9 hours of sleep every night?

3) The holidays.  Thanksgiving was hectic, but it's still great to see friends and family, and the start of the Holiday season is a great distraction from well, anything.  I swapped multi hour runs for christmas music and baking.  Not a bad trade eh?

4) Other forms of fitness.  The last month of my marathon training I was DESPERATE to mix some new fitness routines into my running but I 1) didn't have time to meet my necessary mileage and do other workouts and 2) wanted to avoid injury.  Now that I don't have to hit 35-40 miles a week I can roll a spin class, strength training, yoga and dance back into my life.  Yay!! 

Do you get post-race blues, post race highs or both?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend or Anything But Turkey

After Thanksgiving, I was ready for anything but Turkey.  Lucky for me, this weekend was full of scrumptious food far from holiday fare.  I got back to Brooklyn from the Homeland on Friday night and promptly set a date at Joya, a Thai restaurant in Cobble Hill.  There are only two words to describe this spot: delicious and affordable.  We split an appetizer, and each had an entree and with tip the whole thing was $30 including tax and tip. Yay!

I got one of the specials: skirt steak over spicy noodles with vegetables.  Sorry about the crappy picture, but it was truly great (even reheated 6 hours and several beers later... Note to self: drinking multiple bud lights is not a good idea ever, but especially after you've had on average 1 a week for four months because you're training for a marathon). 

Saturday night I met up with my gorgeous friend Maggie and some of her sister's friends for dinner at Dos Caminos in the Meatpacking District.  This was classier and more grown up than my typical Saturday night, but very, very fun.  Since I was hanging with some real grown ups, I felt it might be taboo to photograph my food, so you will just have to imagine how good my ASADA TACOS looked and tasted.

This afternoon I needed a quick and cheap lunch, so I stopped by Lopez Bakery for a spicy pollo panini.  One of the best thing about this place is that every sandwich/panini comes with your choice of salad: fruit, Isreali, coleslaw or corn and bean.  How awesome is that?

However, my favorite meal of my post-turkey weekend came from my very own kitchen.  It wasn't fancy, it wasn't exotic, it didn't take any skill to make, and it was even a little boring.  Salmon with habanero sauce, brown rice with butter, and frozen broccoli.

But you know what? It wasn't turkey!

How was your Thanksgiving?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Survived my First Marathon!!

I haven't blogged in a few weeks, and frankly it's because I was too overwhelmed to articulate all the things I've been doing.  With this morning's race over, one of the biggest challenges is behind me and I feel ready to share again!

So the Marathon.  The First Ever Bucks County Marathon to be specific, consisted of 26.2 miles of trail along the Delaware Canal Tow Path in (where else) Bucks County, PA (this happens to be my homeland).  We kicked off a little after 9am in Yardley and plodded north to New Hope.  Let me just say, this is one of the most beautiful places in the country and I highly recommend a stint in a Bed and Breakfast to rejuvenate your soul. 
I'm in the weirdly short person in the blue hat and purple shirt.  I swear I'm not that small irl.

Miles 1-12 were easy peasy.  I carried along with a pace between 9 and 9:30 min miles and soaked up some lovely views. 

Miles 12-14 got a little bit warm and sunny, but weren't bad, and then 14-16 was golden again...then I started getting tired...and sore...and really, really over running. 
My dad was Captain Camera today... also, told you it was beautiful.

I carried on pretty well until about mile 19.  I stopped, stretched a little and then carried on.  The last 7 miles were a mix of running, walking, and shuffling.  After mile 25, I decided to just power through whatever pain came my way. 

I wasn't thrilled, but I finished strong and crossed the finish line under my goal of 4h30m with a final time of 4h25m38s and promptly found a patch of grass on which to plant my sore bum.

I did it.  I ran my first marathon.  I am a marathoner.  It hasn't all sunk in quite yet, and thanks to a tip from my parents, I took a couple advil right after and I am feeling FRESH right now.  I imagine the crippling soreness tomorrow might help me process the event :).

Thanks a million to my parents, who managed to make it to EVERY spectator spot along the course with signs, cowbells and words of encouragement, to all my friends who've reminded me that this is something to be proud of, to all the AMAZING bloggers whose tips, tricks and recipes I have shamelessly stolen and utilized, and to all you runners out there who inspire me each and every day.  We rock, and we really can accomplish anything. 

Now I'm going to sit on the couch with my purring heating pad :)

What are you proud of this week?