Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On giving up control

Photo from CRUMBS Bake Shop's Website
Those of you that know me personally, know that I like to be... on top of things.  I like some semblance of order, I like to be prepared for whatever comes, and I like to feel like I'm in the driver's seat.  (Hey-o maybe that's why I'm so much happier on the boss management side of theater than I was as a performer; too much is out of your hands when you're not the one writing checks.)  Anyhow, the events of the past week have been a huge wake up call.  Oh hello, you mean I can't avoid earthquakes by living on the east coast?  It's possible that the WEATHER can completely shut down my only reliable form of transportation (heyyy MTA)? 

Rude awakening.  I've blogged about being flexible before,  and I think I'm pretty good about adapting and adjusting to whatever life throws at me (which makes me feel even more in control, since obViously I am a defensive driver and have tactics B, C, D & E in my toolbox to avoid that tree branch in the road), but this summer and the events of this week have really thrown me for a loop.

As it turns out, sometimes no matter how prepared you are, no matter how much you do the right things, no matter how hard you work, or how strategically you plan, things will go awry.  A hurricane will devastate parts of the Northeast.  A client will reject your proposal.  The market will tank.  Someone will not love you back.  It's ok.  You dust yourself off, look at the battered pieces and figure out what to do with them.  You can't blame yourself, or wonder what you might have done differently.  You have to look forward and focus on what you have to do next time.  Moving forward.  Right now.  Some of what's coming is still going to be out of your control, so you just have to do your best in this moment with what you have.

Sometimes that means making really weird breakfasts and buying lunches out when there's just no food in the apartment because you couldn't go to the grocery store over the weekend in the only free time you had because it was closed (thanks Irene).  Sometimes it means focusing on the things you can exercise complete control over (hello schoolwork), because you're just not ready to deal with the things that are beyond your jurisdiction.

Today it means I'm getting a cupcake. With sprinkles.

What do you do when things go haywire?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LINK: 12 Things Happy People Do Differently

I love twitter.  A lot.  It is my primary source of news, and the articles I get linked into through the people I follow have expanded my horizons and taught me new ways to think about things.  I honestly believe twitter is one of the internet's most valuable learning tools.  Anyhow, I came across this article through @CaseyB of VolunteerMatch and I think it's worth sharing. 

12 Things Happy People Do Differently on Marc and Angel Hack Life

It's all pretty practical, and maybe obvious, but I love being reminded that giving back, being grateful, and taking care of your body are keys to a happy life.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Post Irene

So I survived the hurricane unscathed, hope you did too!  The first thing I did when I woke up was check on my tree (yes, the City of New York planted it for the public to enjoy, but it is MY tree). 

It was A-OK.  I made a ginormous protein pancake for breakfast and foolishly (woops) headed out for coffee down the block.  It was pretty windy all day yesterday, but for the most part my neighborhood really lucked out. 

For all its disruption to my weekend plans, it was pretty nice to have some forced downtime.  I got all of my pre-school work done and got to bond a little bit with my new roommate (who, btw is awesome).  When we were confident Irene was out of the better borough, we scurried down the street for some sushi.  Courtney (roomie) worked in a sushi restaurant for awhile, so she KNOWS good sushi.  I was worried that our local joint wouldn't be up to par with her standards, but it did not disappoint!  I got the "Spicy Roll Combo" which came with a green salad, miso soup, a spicy tuna roll, spicy crunchy salmon roll, and spicy crabmeat.  I subbed in a cucumber roll for the crabmeat, because I'm always an advocate of more vegetables.  The delivery was pretty (and it tasted even better).

Under the guidance of my resident sushi expert I also tried Japanese soda called Ramune (guys this stuff is so fun!), and mochi ice cream (how did I not try this before?).  We celebrated our hurricane survival skills, and the new school year (that starts today!), so I guess Irene wasn't all bad.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness: Aubrie Style

So if you live in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic, you're probably expecting a visit from Irene.  (I hear she's a hot mess, but enough of the gossip.)  Since all of the news stations have been telling me what to do for the past week, I've been prepared for days.  Batteries, jugs of water, non-perishable goods (have I mentioned that half of my diet consists of canned beans?), I've got that part DOWN. 

Since I'm not in a hurricane evacuation zone (all good thoughts and prayers to all who are), I've been focusing on the more important aspects of Hurricane Preparedness.

Step 1: Go out with friends and get all of the weekend wild out of your system.
Coney Island Lager at BAR(n)

I did this twice already (Thursday and Friday), so clearly I am prepared.  On Thursday I hung out with the amazing folks of the Brooklyn College Graduate Theatre department at BAR(n).   Lucky for me, this included Keelie from Sweat = Success, who is kind of my personal hero (I may or may not stalk her blog).

Friday night included my awesome new roommate (who incidentally is also a grad student at Brooklyn College), and some neighborhood friends.  We went to The Clover Club for some fancy cocktails, and were not disappointed.  I got a Rhubarb Spritz (oh hello fruit and champagne), and it was divine.  I highly recommend this bar for a  first date.  The noise level is perfect and they explain all of the different kinds of cocktails in the menu, which makes for great conversation.  Since no weekend is complete for me without a terrible light beer, we swung by my favorite dive, Angry Wades.  Step 1 Complete.

Step 2: Eat all of the perishable items in the refrigerator just in case you lose power.

For lunch I knocked out the last of my romaine and spinach with some snap peas, black beans, and parmesan in one killer salad.  You guys I am running a race against time to eat all of the cheese in my fridge before the the electricity goes and it rots.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.

Do you know what else isn't going to survive without the gentle loving care of AC power?  The ICE CREAM!  What a travesty it would be if there was anything left of that pint of Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra in my freezer when we lost power!  Obviously, I am on it.

Step 3: Figure out how to log into your work email remotely so you can find out if the office is closed on Monday morning.  (I'm still working on this one.)

Step 4: Stock up on books and magazines because you KNOW, you will go crazy if you are not constantly entertained.  Living without the internet for several hours might be the most dangerous part of this entire storm (in my opinion).

Step 5: Put up snide and saucy messages all over twitter and facebook.  Retweet and Share everyone else's snide and saucy statements that were far more witty than your own.

In all seriousness though, everyone be safe through the storm, and thanks to everyone for the good wishes and thoughts!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Staying healthy on a busy schedule

I've been feeling a little...bleh lthis week.  Not under the weather per se, but just not at my optimal level of health.  I think my body might be fighting off an impending cold, or maybe I'm just worn out from trying to squeeze a summer's worth of social life into two weekends (oops?).  Either way, I'm just not feeling up to snuff.  What I've noticed though, is that I'm not eating as well this week.  Sunday afternoon I ate an entire pint (1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner) of ice cream...not such a good idea.  On Monday, I picked up a box of Duane Reade branded cookies that I've been munching at my desk ever since, and today I succumbed to the office bagels and cream cheese.  What gives? 
The Offending Cookies

I'm reminded of the Nutri Grain commercial "One good decision can lead to another."  So what does one do when she falls into a trap of bad self propagating bad habits?  Make a plan!  I know that the reason I'm making bad choices (and feeling overwhelmed) is because I feel the fast approaching semester breathing down my neck.  There's a lot to get done over the next couple of days!  However, I can't let it be an excuse.  This is the new normal, and I need to start plotting out my meals for the week and packing healthy snacks so I don't end up grabbing the goodies in the office kitchen at 3pm.

Since I've had some good experiences with it in the past, I decided to head over the for some ideas.  A few years ago I took on the SELF Challenge to lose 10 lbs.  I didn't really follow it, but I exclusively used their recipes and snack ideas for a few months.  Combined with my own exercise schedule (running 20-25 miles per week & the occasional strength training), I didn't lose a single pound, buuuut I lost an entire dress size without cutting any calories.  I'm pretty sure that's a win!  What I like about the Self programs is that they use real food (better calories), and offer lots of simple options for meals.  It's less of a diet plan than a healthy lifestyle jump start.  I can cook, but I'm a busy girl and I want to eat healthy as quickly and efficiently as I possibly can.  Self's recipes are PERFECT for that.  (If you're interested, they have a "Lose 8" plan going on right now.)   

So now I'm geared up with a few new recipe ideas, a shopping list full of whole foods, and a way to stay healthy with my crazy schedule.

Do you have any tips for staying healthy on the go?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The End of Summer Scramble

So I've been a terrible blogger lately, but I HAVE been getting things done in real life.  Since I start classes again next week I have been trying to fit in as much non-performing arts management related stuff as I possibly can (FYI I'm working on an MFA in Performing Arts Management).  On Friday, I talked my friend Colleen (law student extraordinaire) into going to a free volleyball clinic at Brooklyn Bridge Park.  (We) I was terrible, but it was a lot of fun and we rewarded ourselves with beer afterwards at 61 Local in Cobble Hill.  We had an awesome window-front view of the crazy lightening storm we got, and had some delicious local beer. 

Saturday I tried my very first group run with the South Brooklyn Running Club (am I overdoing it with the links today?).  I've always been a solo runner, and quite frankly was intimidated by the idea of the group run, and the running club.  I mean, I see those teams at NYRR races and they are DAMN FAST; however, I was planning on running summer streets on Saturday anyway and that's the route they were taking, so I gave it a shot.  Lucky for me, there was another runner there who kept my pace and wanted to run the same distance (14 miles baby!).  I didn't think I ran well with others, but it was so much fun!  Also, summer streets is awesome, can we do it all year round NYC?

After I tried and failed to go out on Saturday night, I spent a lazy Sunday relaxing and getting prep work done for school...which I've been doing ever since.  I need to fit in at least one summer movie and one crazy night out before the semester begins....looks like this is the week for it!

What are you trying to fit in before summer slips away?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Morning Shake Out & Protein Pancakes

Today was an easy run day; 3 miles, doodled along in the early morning.  Sometimes I struggle with easy runs, not because I mind running a relaxed pace, but it's so easy to compare yourself or unconsciously start racing other runners.  Today it wasn't a problem.  I was so inside my own run, I don't even know if I saw any other runners (which I obviously did since my route took me along Prospect Park).  This was the first run I've had in awhile where there was no music, no noise inside my head, just me and my run.  I paid attention to every footfall and breath and just relished the joy of being able to propel myself forward.  This is why I love to run.  It's the same reason, I love to dance: the pure joy of movement.  I have a body that is strong and able and can run, dance, sit at a desk, walk to the subway, carry groceries, play in the park, swim in the ocean, etc.  How cool is that?

(I only make recipes I find on blogs)

Since I had plenty of time this morning (a short run will do that), I tried to make protein pancakes for the first time.  I used this recipe from Sarah Fit's blog (love it!).  The pancake was awesome.  Being the indulgent person I am, I topped the whole thing with a serving of Boysenberry Syrup (150 delicious empty calories).  The syrup was good, but it was wayyy too much (note to self: serving size is a suggestion, not a mandate), so next time I'll be using a third of that much.

Lunch will be more of my kale/lentil creation leftovers, and I'm thinking dinner will probably involve some Bone Suckin Sauce.

Are you ever totally amazed at what your body can do?  You brain? (I know there's some smartypants out there!)  What daily accomplishment are you most prooud of?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yoga and Lentils

Call me Christopher Columbus folks, because I've discovered a whole new world.  I had never gone to a Yoga class before, despite doing some yoga in dance classes and doing pilates for years.  I though yogis were pretentious and kept their perfect mats in their lululemon mat bags, who held disdain in their heart for the casual class drop-in.  I was intimidated, and I was a little bit stuck up about it, so I never tried yoga.

Lucky for me, I belong to a YMCA that offers Beginner's yoga classes.  I thought I could give a beginners class a chance.  So tonite, I did.  OH MY OHMMMMM.  I am hooked.  Rita, the teacher was amazing, and I left that class feeling cleansed.  It was a comfortable challenge for my body, nothing too strenous, that's left me feeling refreshed of body and spirit.  Yoga is officially added to my training schedule. Done.

Since I was feeling so intrepid today, I decided to try cooking with lentils for the first time.  I read that lentils are the best protein for the environment, based on the amount of protein in comparison to the amount of energy it takes to grow, harvest and deliver it.  I'm all about protein that loves the planet!

I sauteed kale, onion, garlic and vegetable stock in large saucepan.  Next I added cooked brown rice and canned lentils (amateur, I know) sprinkled in some salt and pepper and let it simmer for 10 minutes.  Since I'm addicted to spicy, I added some hot sauce to my bowl.  It was delicious.  My roommate even said so. 

Then I treated myself to some Cappuccino Chip blended Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream (thank you Edy's). 

Any healthy new discoveries out there?  Foods, workouts or tools that you love to stay healthy?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Marathon training is my new boyfriend

I met up with some fabulous ladies from one of my former lives yesterday (one of them blogs here).  We met up wayyy downtown for happy hour (mmm sangria), and to take stock of the past few years.  However, one drink in I realized I could not, in fact, have another.  I was buzzzzed.  One drink? Really?

To be fair, I haven't had more than two drinks in a week in....a month?  What happened to my bud light fueled social life!?!?  I go to bed at 10pm on weeknights (sometimes on weekend nights too so I can wake up early the next day for a long run), I get up at 6am on weekdays (I can't sleep past 8am EVER now), and after one drink, I'm eager to go home so as not to upset my new boyfriend: Marathon Training.

He's definitely more of a clinger than I've ever tolerated in a new boyfriend, but I think he's worth it.  When I treat him right, he is sooooo good to me, and when I ignore him or treat him like sh*t, he's a little mopey but comes around.  No matter what I do, he refuses to leave me.  That's a rare bird in this city (am I right ladies?)! 

While it takes sacrifices to be in this relationship, I couldn't be happier about it.  In the face of all the challenges in the rest of my life, it provides a strength and solace that I don't get anywhere else.  However, it has made me decidedly less cool than I used to be ;)

What about you? Ever feel married to your training?

Klout Perks & Secret Clinical Protection

Ever heard of Klout Perks?  Apparently if Klout thinks you are influential about something, it can hook you up with a product/advertiser and hope that you will talk about it.  I like free stuff and trying new things, so I signed up for this thrill ride a few weeks ago.  Lo and behold this lovely package showed up in my mail last week:

The "year's supply" of Secret Clinical Protection came with this cute little disclaimer from Klout Perks, "The Influencer Code of Ethics".  They're encouraging full disclosure, score one for Klout Perks!  I decided to give myself a week before I wrote about my internet be-got goodies so that I could 1) Actively assess the efficacy of my current deodorant and 2) Test out the new one in a few different circumstances.

I had been using Mitchum Power Gel for Women , and had overall been happy with it.  The scent is light, almost non-existent, and the gel consistency doesn't leave white marks on your clothes.  The only problem with it would feel sticky at the beginning of a workout, and quite frankly it was irritating.

Secret Clinical Protection is a white solid (it seems to have a sort of whipped solid consistency), so I was little worried it would get on my clothes.  So far, it hasn't been an issue, I'll keep you posted!  It smells AMAZING.  The second I put it on I was in love with the smell.  It's fresh and clean, but not too strong.  The downside of this is that I spent all morning trying to get a whiff of my armpits...oops? 

In terms of protection, it kept me dry and non smelly sweating during the day, and was comfortable through my workouts.  When I ran a 3 miler, I still smelled good afterwards...weird.  However, in true I am a sweaty athlete form, if I went on a hard run, a long run, or did speedwork I was a smelly beast from head to toe (but I really don't expect a deodorant to make me smell like a rose 2 hours and 12 miles later).

All in all, I'd give it an A+.  When I run out of the free stuff, I will probably buy more.

Do you have any favorite products that you would never trade for another brand?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Being Flexible (of mind and body)

There are riots in London, a devastating famine in the Horn of Africa, a quarter of my friends are unemployed, and we're about the commemorate the 10th Anniversary of this country's greatest national tragedy. 

Things are tough out there.  Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a world I don't recognize, a place that is foreign and unpredictable; in many ways, it is.  From your personal life to the global world, there are a lot of unknowns and free radicals out there (health pun).  This is why I try to stay flexible.  I'm not talking about stretching (although I am a HUGE fan as a result of my dance/gymnastics background, but that's for another post).  I'm talking about the day to day adjustments that you should NEED to make in life (especially if you are an amateur athlete/recreational runner/person leading a healthy lifestyle).

Yesterday I knocked out a lovely 6 miles before work.  It felt great, the weather was lovely, and I rocked the rest of the day.  I ate healthy and hydrated properly.  Last night I got into bed an hour later than usual, and was exhausted today.  I got out of bed, but decided to push my run for the day to this evening.  I took leisurely morning stroll and got a bagel (whole wheat with strawberry cream cheese, because 1) its DELICIOUS and 2) sometimes I want to eat something pink). 

At lunch I picked up a salad from Hale and Hearty since I didn't have any food in my apartment, but then I picked up a cookie from a corner deli (I was feeling mopey).  When I get home I'm going to plod out three sloooooow miles, I'll probably even do two of them at the gym, and I'll come back and have a bowl of whole grain pasta with sausage and peppers because that's all the food in my refrigerator.

It's ok.  I like to cut myself breaks.  I'm not the world's hardest worker or most dedicated individual, but I put my best into everyday.  Some days, that means I'm a rockstar employee and kick butt athelete; other days that means I need to organize my files because I don't have the brain power to think strategically, and I'll embrace couch-potato-hood the minute I get home. 

Rest, in life and running, is extremely important to a healthy mind and body.  That doesn't mean I can make excuses to get out of a long run or a avoid a big project, it means I have to be flexible.  I'll put my long run off a day and do an easy one in the meantime.  I'll work on the less taxing projects on my desk and put a focused effort into the tougher ones tomorrow. 

For me flexibility is a necessity.  Are you a hardliner when it comes to training, or do you cut yourself some wiggle room like me?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy Weekends and Kale Chips

Sorry I fell off the face of the internet this weekend!  On Friday night, my amazing friend Maggie came all the way down from Connecticut just to sit in my apartment with me and drink margaritas and chat.  She is the best, and nights in are sooo good.  Saturday I worked as an usher for Lincoln Center Festival (yes I will pick up extra shifts to be around amazing theater!), met my old roommate Elise for more chatting and cocktails (it seems we're all in the need for a little bit of relaxation and reflection lately), and got to bed by 11pm.

Sunday morning was my scheduled long run.  I had wanted to do 13miles, but woke up late after I spent the night tossing over the obnoxious loud people below my apartment.  By the time I got up, I only had time to get 10 miles in before showering and heading back to the festival (yes I will work doubles to be around amazing theater).  Today, I was exhausted, but made it through the day.  I was craving salty snacks all day (I do that when I'm tired), so I made some kale chips.  They are SUPER simple, and soo delicious.

What you need:

A bunch of kale
2 tbsp olive oil (you only need 1 but I think 130 calories of oil is good for me)
salt and pepper (or whatever you prefer)

Tear the kale into bit size peices (avoid the stem-y part its hard to eat).  Wash thoroughly (I once found a bug on a piece of raw kale so now I wash it EVERY TIME).

Put it in a bowl and drizzle olive oil over and sprinkle with salt and pepper as you like it.  Toss it like a salad.

Spread over a cookie tray covered in wax paper (or if you're spoiled like me, over a pampered chef baking stone).  Bake for 10 minutes at 350 or until edges are slightly browned.  Remove from the oven at EAT!

Easy. Peasy. 

Got any healthy snack ideas for me?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ladies Night & Endurance Workouts

Sorry about the poor picture quality...
After work yesterday I headed out for a little Happy Hour turned Ladies Night ($3 drinks in pink cups? Yes please!), with the best business women in New York City's performing arts scene (this is a fact...aka my grad school classmates).  Since my wild night didn't get me home until 10:30pm (gasp!), I cut myself a little slack this morning and gave myself an extra half hour.  Instead of heading out for a run I did a quick "endurance training workout" (whatever that means) I picked up from this article.  I switched it up a little to work for me and did the whole thing as a circuit instead of repeating reps of the same exercise.  Mine looked like this:

20 Step Ups
10 Standing Lunges (left)
10 Standing Lunges (right)
10 Burpees (kill me)
20 Crunches
20 Flutter Kicks
10 Push Ups
10 Dips

Rinse, repeat!

The whole thing took about 20 minutes and felt like a pretty decent (albeit short) workout.  Since it's gorgeous out, I may still go on a quick run this evening, but I wanted to keep in the habit of getting up early (in spite of my late night shenanigans). 

I need some cross/strength training advice.  Have any workouts that you love to supplement your running? 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marathon Lifestyle

New kicks! Good food! Less booze!  All elements of getting my body excited to kick 26.2 miles.  While I'm already a runner, marathon training is still an adjustment for me.  From everything I've read, your body is typically cool with you running up to 20 miles (something about glycogen storage...blank stare).  Anything beyond that, is a real test of both physical and mental fortitude.  Since I'm not one to subject myself to discomfort, this is going to take some real dedication.  

The first thing I needed to do before I could get started was get new running shoes.  I have to be honest with you (and all you runners out there are going to chide me), I'd been running in the same sneakers since last August.  My Brooks Defyance had taken me more than 1000 miles (you're supposed to get new shoes every 300-400 miles), and it was time to retire them.  I headed to the running store in Doylestown (where they are AWESOME and hard core), and they set me up with a new pair of Brooks GHOSTs.  They are bright!  One of the things I love about getting my shoes there is that they send you outside (outside!) to try out potential purchases on the block.  Running a full block on the road gives you a better sense of how it will feel to run miles in them, plus you get to look like a nut to all the passersby (I never say no to a chance to look crazy in public...I learned this in New York).

The next thing I've been doing to prep my lifestyle for 26.2 is a diet overhaul.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm already a pretty healthy eater.  However, the number of miles I need to log in a week has increased, and I need more protein to do it.  This means that my regular diet has been infiltrated by protein powder, and the starchy snacks I'm partial to have been replaced by fruit and nuts (or fruit and cheese).  Right now I'm really into pistachios, because they're salty enough to make me think they are chips or pretzels, but pack a little bit more protein.

Last night for dinner I had a lot of peas (I like it when half of my plate is green), griddled chicken with Bone Suckin Sauce (I never say no to condiments, especially ones that come out of North Carolina, aka the land of the pig pickin'), and corn on the cob with a little lemon juice, hot sauce, and parmesan (obviously there needed to be cheese).  I eat wayy too fast, so I thought I was still hungry afterwards, but I waited it out about 15 minutes and it became very clear that I was FULL.  Even though I was stuffed, I had a few spoonfulls of frozen yogurt before bed (calci-yum!).

This morning marked my second "I WILL run in the morning" run.  I booked 4 decent miles, a little slow, but steady, and got a great stretch in afterwards.  

What have you had to change in your life to train for an event/get healthy?  What would you like to change about your current habits?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend in the Country

So I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and my parents still live there today.  I never thought much of it (I mean I knew it was a nice place to live and all), but when I moved to New York I realized that its something of a destination.  One of my bosses would visit her friend's "country house" in Bucks County, and nowadays there are ads on the train and telephone booths in Manhattan for "Beautiful Bucks".

Whether it's a weekend vacation destination, or a place I once called home, it is pretty beautiful:
(and that's just my parents backyard!)

When I got out there on Friday night I went over my friend Kara's house for apps and zerts with our friend Amanda (I've known them both since 4th grade!!).  As it turns out, Kara is a regular Martha Stewart and treated us to alll this deliciousness:

I got to spend Saturday with family, as my cousin Marissa's adorable little twins were turning 1!  The twins, a girl and a boy are the world's cutest kids, but I was having too much fun to take pictures, so you'll never know.  The party was adorable too.  The whole thing was "Thing 1 and Thing 2" themed from Dr. Suess.  Marissa did an amazing job making the whole day beautiful.

Again, I forgot to take pictures on Sunday when I did brunch with my favorite ladies from high school cheerleading, Kaitlyn and Marissa (different Marissa, and yes I was a cheerleader in high school...four years of varsity and captain senior year...and no, I'm not ashamed).  Suffice it to say, they are both gorgeous and doing well and blueberry pancakes have a very special place in my heart.

It was a super relaxing weekend and a much needed respite from the oppressive heat we've had in the city.  I tried to get a 12 miler in on Saturday morning, but it devolved into a run/walk 6 miles.  I'm not mad, sometimes you need to give yourself a break...I needed it.

Any weekend trips out there?  How do you get away from the city in the summer?

Beans, beans, good for your heart....

I love black beans.  Really any beans, I mean legumes are my JAM, but black beans are quite obviously the pinnacle of all beans.  I blame my dad, who developed an affinity for Latin American food while flying to Central and South America for years (he's a pilot).  He would bring back rice and beans from this amazeballs Cuban place in the Miami Airport (I know, good airport food?), and ever since I have been hooked. 

Last night for dinner I had some cheesy (I needed the calcium) rice and beans with hot sauce and salsa.

Today for lunch, classic rice and beans with some onion and lime (and hot sauce b/c I can't help myself).

I think I may take a break from beans and make some of the chicken that's chilling in my freezer for dinner tonight....with some Bone Suckin' Sauce...yeaaa.

Anyhow, weird love of black beans and BBQ sauce aside, I'm making the full transition to morning running this week.  Since my fall schedule is insanely packed full, I know I won't have time to get my runs in unless it's before work.  I'm getting myself in the habit now while I have the time and mental fortitude to adjust.  This morning was a 5 mile from 7am to 7:45.  Not bad for a morning workout.  I had a packet of Sport Beans before I went out (it's too early to eat real food, but never too early for candy), and I think it helped (that and the fact that I went to bed at 11pm like a good little runner).  Here's to doing it again tomorrow!

How about you, morning workouts? evening workouts?  Are you a lunch runner?  When's your favorite time of day to get sweaty?

Monday, August 1, 2011

On my schedule for this evening

August... AUGUST?!

Wow, so while I was dealing with my internal turmoil with a string of philosophical posts about heaven knows what, July just flew on by!  This is good news...but also puts some serious pressure on me.  I have a new roommate moving in soon, so I've got to uber clean my apartment.  I have to get in my IRB application for my graduate thesis in the spring (laaaaaaaame).  The event I'm working on at my internship is creeping closer and not enough seems to be getting done.  I have an 18 mile race chasing at my heels in less than 2 months, annnnnd I need to finish the syllabus for the class I'm teaching this fall (more on that to come).  School starts again in exactly 4 weeks.  I'm working the next two weekends (in addition to my regular work week).  Are you tired just thinking about it? I am.

The reality is that my life is going to be insanely busy from now until December.  No questions asked, I am going to be "burning the candle at both ends" for the next four months (Good thing I got all that moping out of the way in July).  I'm going to get you some recaps of my super relaxing weekend this evening and then take you on the whirlwind I'm going to call Fall 2011.  Get your game face on!