Monday, June 27, 2011

Just another glorious weekend at the Hamptons

So, now that I've spent a weekend at the infamous "Hamptons" I've hired a tennis pro and have taken to calling everyone "dahhhling."  Just kidding, for all the fancy cars we passed along the way (people actually drive Bentleys?), my experience of the Hamptons (Westhampton Beach to be specific) was remarkably chill and down to earth.  Aside from the impeccable view of the bay,

Oh you know, just another sunset over the bay

And the private beachfront access, it was totally normal.  Just like Coney Island...except less people.

To be fair, we really only had like an acre of oceanfront to ourselves
 Also, if you don't know anything about Coney Island, or the Hamptons, please know that I am completely kidding and that the two things are well...COMPLETELY different.  We did have a totally relaxing and laid back weekend though, and I did my best to bring Westhampton down to my  middle class squalor with tortilla chips, dips (avocado + salsa  + lime = award winning guacamole, no?), and good old bud light.

Not pictured: tombstone pizza, hamburgers (non-grass fed beef) & watermelon
 All in all, it really was a glorious weekend, full of beautiful weather, delicious "vacation food", and wonderful people. 

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